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Hello, you've reached the about page! (last updated 4/14/14)


This is my website which I primarily use for posting my comic, OH MAN, and is currently my main form of general media output right now.

In essence, creating stories, animating, drawing, are all things that I love to do, and want to continue to do, and I thank you for visiting my site and reading my comic


Now, a little about me...

I am 18 years old, a college freshman studying interactive media at the University of Southern California. As you can see, I really like working on OH MAN alongside other fun projects that I have for myself. Otherwise, I'm just a person who spends a ton of time doing my own thing and needs to focus more on what homework I have.. haha...


A little about this comic...

It started from nothing, really. Well, not really. After reading countless amounts of manga and watching endless amounts of anime, I just had too many ideas flowing around, not to mention ideas and stories before then. However, OH MAN wasn't planned. It just happened, really, during the winter of 2013... I was drawing sketches at my home, and I drew this simple kid about to kick a soccer ball. Then I thought it would be funny if the kick was so powerful it would have unrestrained effects... and it continues on. If you want to see what the original sketch looks like, Click Here! (also, consider donating hehe..) Drawings were merely sketches, and I had the first 8 chapters planned out before I started even thinking of redrawing them. Since I spent less than 5 mins per sketch on a page, it didn't translate very well towards solid art, but I needed more experience with digital lineart anyways. It wasn't until winter break that I started going over them, and then finally making a website to go along with the first two releases. I'm quite content with the feedback and am really happy to continue making more comics. I'm still improving myself, and I have plans to make comics after OH MAN, if it ever finishes.. Yes, I have read one punch man (original & redrawn), and ansatsu kyoshitsu.


That's all! ...for now..



Small FAQ, ask more questions!


When is the next chapter coming out?

Weather forecasts say a 99% chance on Saturday.


One Punch Man?

ONE's success in doing what he wanted inspired me to release a comic on the internet, but the idea around this manga / comic wasn't inspired off one punch man, although it is similar, I will admit. I have many, many, many ideas for comics, and this one seemed to be the one I liked the most, the one that would probably do the best as a manga / comic.



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